Teach Through Educational Travel: Normandy, France

Mont Saint Michel is one of the most beautiful – and visited – places in France. It is a solid granite island, holding tight against the highest tides in Europe. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is home to an ancient monastery and a small town.
Visitors access the island via a causeway during low tide – over 3.5 million visitors a year! They cross wet, black sand and splash through water to reach the ancient walled city.  Hint: watch for quicksand and fog, and definitely time your visit according to low tide.
Teach Through Educational Travel
Download a larger image and share the photo with your class, then try these discussion questions and classroom activities:
  • While you’re on Mont Saint Michel, you can visit the Abbey, museums (history, archaeology, maritime and ecology, and more), the parish church, shops, and restaurants. Explore Mont Saint Michel with this virtual tour – starting from the mainland, and then heading within the walls.
  • Did you see anything interesting? What surprised you most? Find one detail on Mont Saint Michel that you’d love to show someone. Take a look at what one traveler picked out, to share.
  • There is currently a restoration project in progress, to remove the silt and restore Mont Saint Michel as an island again. What do you think about this? How does a famous tourist attraction balance tourism revenue and ecological concerns? Learn more.