Download a larger image and share the photo with your class, then try these discussion questions and classroom activities:


  • The definition of a motto is “a short sentence or phrase that captures the beliefs and ideals of an individual, a family or an institution.” The
    current motto of the Olympic Games is “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.” If you were given the power to create a motto for the Games, what would your motto
    be? If you had to create a motto for your favorite Summer Olympic sport, what would the motto be?
  • The symbol of the Olympics are the five interlocking rings that represent the five major areas of the world that compete: Asia, Africa, the
    Americas, Europe and Australia. Design a new flag for the Olympics that shows what you think is the most important aspect of the Games.
    Olympics rings

    Become an Olympic reporter. It is your job to follow one specific sport in the Olympics and write a report for an online newspaper about the event. Think about what is important for your readers to know. They need to know about the specific challenges of the sport. Who has won before

    and who are the current favorites? What does it take to get the Gold medal? Start your research here with a list of the sports that will
    compete in London.


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