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We believe in dreaming big. It’s how our company was born, and it’s what we hope to give all the students who travel with us: confidence and big ideas for the future, based on what we can learn from our journey today.

Rafael Hoyle

Rafael Hoyle

Managing Director ISA

Rafael leads the International Studies Abroad (ISA) division of WorldStrides, which specializes in study abroad, internship, research, and service-learning programming for individual college and university students across the globe. Under his leadership, ISA has earned a reputation as a student-first organization that facilitates transformative educational opportunities.

He first joined ISA as an instructor and resident director in Guanajuato in the summer of 1995, while researching contemporary Mexican history and culture. After completing his doctoral work, he devoted himself to the organization full-time with leadership in numerous roles. Rafael’s experiences living in Mexico City and traveling around the world strongly influenced his commitment to education abroad. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master’s in Spanish from the University of Arizona, and earned his Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics at the University of Texas. He resides in Austin with his wife and their three boys.