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We believe in dreaming big. It’s how our company was born, and it’s what we hope to give all the students who travel with us: confidence and big ideas for the future, based on what we can learn from our journey today.

Elizabeth ​Follansbee

Elizabeth ​Follansbee

Vice President of Product Delivery

Since joining WorldStrides in 2007, Elizabeth Follansbee has been the Vice President of Operations, overseeing the critical operation of our 24/7 Tour Central offices. Her team also oversees the on-tour experience for the majority of WorldStrides’ travelers. In this key role, she is the force behind ensuring that students’ accommodations are comfortable during their travel programs, and that parents and teachers always have a reliable source to turn to, for issues large and small.

Elizabeth holds a Business Management degree from Bentley University and has 23 years of management, customer service, and sales experience, including sales management at Marriott International and event management at two universities. She was drawn to WorldStrides by her passion for exposing students to new worlds and first-time adventures. Her favorite hobbies include travel and photography.